League Format / Rules

Welcome to LI Wargames' Second Season of the Combat Patrol League!

We have 16 participants that are signed up and ready to go!

The League officially kicks-off Saturday, May 4th at 12PM at Brothers Grim Collectibles!!

The format is simple: you play games of Warhammer 40,000 using the Combat Patrol missions, format, and rules as written by GW. Each Combat Patrol officially released by GW is okay to use (White Dwarf, Codex, etc.) The missions, rules, most non-codex Combat Patrols can be found here:


You can play a maximum of two (2) games against each opponent; with 16 players, this means each player can play a maximum of THIRTY GAMES of Combat Patrol!

After each game, either you or your opponent will need to submit their matches and record: who won, if either warlord was killed, and how many Victory Points each player scored! From these, we will award each player League Points that will be tracked for the duration of the league! These points will go towards winning trophies and for seeding the finale tournament; a single-elimination tournament, with the winner taking home a $50 store credit for Brothers Grim Collectibles!

Matches can be submitted here:

https://forms.gle/22GhJTTP9RKW7Sbs5 or https://www.liwargames.org/combat-patrol-league/cpl-match-submission

Remember: Only one player needs to submit the match.

League Points will be awarded in the following ways:

Trophies will be awarded for the following categories:

We will be holding monthly Combat Patrol League days at Brothers Grim where terrain will be provided and table space reserved! It will be on each player to schedule games with their opponents; Discord is always the best way!

The following players (and their Discord names) are signed up for the league: