All inclusive club for hobbyist

250 + Members

We are everyone.

We are gamers and hobbyists who take themselves, and their hobby, seriously. But not too seriously as to not have fun.

Are you a competitive player who enjoys...

Are you a competitive player who enjoys reading the latest Goonhammer articles and listening to the newest Art of War podcast? Do you chase the meta harder than anything else? 

We are for you.

Are you a hobbyist who has...

Are you a hobbyist who has spent just as much time painting your models as you have crafting deep and personal lore for each and every model, squad, and army?

We are for you.

Are you someone who has never...

Are you someone who has never rolled a die but has spent countless hours painting and hobbying as to rival any experienced player?

We are for you.

Are you a collector that has...

Do you own dozens of Sci-Fi and Warhammer novels but have never seen the inside of a Games Workshop store and don’t own a single model? 

We are for you.

If you can’t tell, Long Island Wargames is for everyone. We are an inclusive club for anyone who considers themselves a hobbyist, no matter what that may mean.

This group is for casual players who take themselves seriously and for the competitive players who take their tournaments seriously. 

We are competitively-casual

Shots from our narrative Titan-Battle

Shots from our weekly Hobby Hangout at Brothers Grim